Polkadot What create-your-own leggings

Polkadot What

Love the ethos behind Polkadot What leggings which is to encourage creativity and improve confidence while ensuring your little one looks stylish. How it works: you choose a collection and size, then pick a different attribute for each leg. Fun and smart? Happy and talented? Which would you choose? Each characteristic relates to a pattern so you get funky mismatched legs in soft cotton and spandex that look super-cute on their own or under skirts and dresses. There are bold stripes in bright colours or shapes hand-printed with water-based inks on a cream background. Prices start from $20 and sizes range from two to ten years. I can imagine little girls loving the idea of designing their own leggings and I look forward to seeing even more character traits, patterns and even other products (Tights? Socks? Tops with different sleeves?) added to the range.

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