Playscope Treasure Baskets

Playscope’s gorgeous Stacking Hoops are undoubtedly Kitty’s favourite Christmas present. I love them too – the different shapes and textures are fascinating for babies and as a whole, they look beautiful. I am now coveting a Treasure Basket. I’m interested in Montessori techniques and treasure baskets are a key element of sensory play, using everyday items for play in place of purpose-built ‘toys’, which is proven to aid development and learning. This Treasure Basket starter set might seem expensive at £75, but when you add up the cost of the 25 ‘harder to find’ items and the willow basket with soft cord cover (to protect the littlest fingers) I doubt you’d see much difference if you did it yourself. It also comes with a guidance booklet on how best to use your basket and add to it to prolong its lifespan and a cotton cover for storage. Children will love exploring the different shapes, colours and textures of the goodies inside (many made by adults with learning difficulties and physical disabilities) and there are a host of larger options on the site as well. A refreshing change from lurid plastic.

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