Paradise Park

If you’re looking for a day out in Cornwall then Paradise Park in Hayle is perfect for young families. With a wide range of birds and play areas there is plenty to entertain.

Paradise Park is an attraction boasting a wonderful collection of birds from all over the world, farm animals and a variety of play areas. It was founded in 1973 by Mike Reynolds who was the ad man behind the Milky Bar Kid. Since founding the park Mike Reynolds went on to create the World Parrot Trust which seeks to boost and protect wild parrot numbers.

The layout of the park is very pushchair (and wheelchair) friendly. There are dozens of aviaries with exotic birds, parrots, birds of prey as well as penguins and flamingos walking around on the lawn.

There are interactive feeding times and shows dotted through the whole day which provide an opportunity to get close to the birds and learn about them. From watching eagles soaring to finding out about kookaburras hunt snakes. Some require an extra donation such as meeting the penguins but as this goes towards the work of the World Parrot Trust it is hard to resent. We really enjoyed these encounters and if we visit again we will plan so we catch more of them.

They have several play areas: a fun farm, paradise island and the jungle barn. The fun farm is in a farmyard area where you can feed goats that is if you can prise your children away from the wooden tractor and trailer. Paradise island is an outdoor play area well shaded by trees with a variety of play equipment suitable for toddlers and children up to about 8. The jungle barn is very popular (especially in the rain) and has the usual indoor play set up including a toddler area and some massive slides.

Paradise Park is brilliant for a day out. You could spend the whole day there or no more than a couple of hours depending on your preference. The facilities are clean and there are places to change nappies. Although we didn’t try it you can buy food in the cafe or at the Bird in Hand pub at the entrance. Take lots of change if you want to feed the lorikeets or meet a penguin. If you plan on using the soft play barn remember your socks as they have a sock-on policy. If you fancy going back another day you can buy a return ticket which lets you in on a future date for a fraction of the entry price.

For more details see the Paradise Park website.


  1. Oh I grew up going there and we always had a great time. I love the picture with Milla and the parrot, your expression is brilliant!

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