Paper Cut Map Prints by Famille Summerbelle

London Paper Cut Map by Famille Summerbelle

Famille Summerbelle, the married design duo Simon and Julie that do fantastic decorative pieces for children, have a way of making everything they touch oh so achingly cool…and tempting….

hot buy bambino goodiesTheir latest creations are these fantastically detailed prints of their hand cut paper map that shows the central boroughs of London. They’ve captured attractions and cultural aspects that encapsulate all that’s the capital in delicious turquoise. You can also get a Paris version in equally bright bubblegum pink. £35 each. You could also copy them and accessorise your fabulous print with the appropriate ‘city in a bag’ from Muji for £5.95


  1. These are gorgeous, I want the London one for the office, and Paris for the sitting room.

    • Hehe :-) They are stunning and I bet they’d be a real talking point when visitors see them. I was thinking of having a London one for my ‘office’ in the spare room.

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