Oh Leander Cotbed where art thou?

Leander Cotbed

Natalie writes…

If you’ve been reading this blog for long enough then you’ll know that we are the proud owners of the Leander Cot, which we actually managed to get for a brilliant £420! – Our local baby gear store agreed to price match if we found it cheaper, and boy did we find it cheaper!

A much loved and desired, contemporary Scandinavian design, I also noted that the Leander has been featured in this month’s Junior Magazine as one of their design classics, and yet…if you have been searching for the Leander cot online, you may have come up short over the summer as there were none to be found for ages.

I am reliably informed by one of our favourite retailers who had plans to stock them that Leander are no longer being distributed by Gro (manufacturers of the hugely popular Grobag) and a new distributor is in the process of being sorted. Whoever got the last shipment (apparently a few lucky stores pounced), getting your hands on one is few and far between.

But, Big Imagination do have them in stock for £498. The RRP is £549. Snap yours up before someone else does.


  1. We bought ours a while back. By partner disagreed that we should get something so expensive, so i bought it when he was in Tokyo and said it was in the sale. I hate to desieve him but i fell in love with it.

  2. I thought your comment was brilliant! That’s exactly what I’d do only when I read your comment to the boyf, I had to pretend I’d never do something like that. They don’t always understand the price of things…

  3. Hello,

    I have been trying to shop for the cheapest Leander cot . Just wonder where you bought yours for £420?


  4. i too am looking for the leancer cot bed – where???

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