New The Land of Me apps

Land of Me Making

You’re looking at big fans of everything Land of Me, and the latest apps are no exception. After the original Story Time which features loveablecharacters Buddy Boo the bear, Willow the owl and Eric the raccoon, Making Things is a fab little app aiming to make physics fun. Along with an army of ants, your little one can construct buildings from different materials (paper palace or jelly castle anyone?) and learn about what works and what doesn’t. Songs and Rhymes is fairly self explanatory. There are three funny tunes and you can adjust the genre or speed as you wish. Finally, there’s the newest addition – Shape, Size and Colour, where small people can create their own bespoke animal, monster or vehicle. All apps are aimed at ages two and six and there are a host of hidden eggs and surprises for your child to find, including the elusive Leonard the lizard. Fun for everyone for just £1.99 each.

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