New Store Alert! Adorable Tots

Natalie writes…There may be a credit crunch on but that’s not stopping new stores from springing up and selling luxurious baby gear. The latest store on the virtual block is Adorable Tots, who are selling high end furniture and furnishings.

As you tend to get at this end of the spectrum, a lot of the pieces are of the more traditional vein, sometimes crossing into the OTT bling vein with seriously expensive themed chandeliers – think close to £850…

They’re also selling exclusive Swarovski crystal furniture that range from £999 for a cot up to £2799 for a furniture set.

baby carrier by aprica for fendizucca bottle carrier by aprica for fendiZUCCA BLACK STROLLER BY APRICA FOR FENDI

Other ostentatious goodies that could have you competing in footballers wife territory are the items from their Aprica for Fendi/Fendi section, where, get this, items are so posh and pricey that it’s ‘price on application only’. Ah…to be loaded…sigh…


One of my favourite finds in the store though is actually their section of thirty eight (yes that many) exclusive, custom made moses baskets in a wide variety of fabrics that are anything but boring. They’re £125 and bedding is extra.

Adorable Tots are actually quite a large store and despite the luxury direction, they’re actually spread across the mid price to designer price scale. Definitely worth checking out although traditionalists who love a theme are most suited to their range.

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