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Monster Supplies

Olde Fashioned Brain Jam from Monster Supplies of Hoxton

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Hoxton residents have recently seen the arrival of a fantastical new retail outlet on their streets: Monster Supplies. If your child is a reluctant eater, but inclined to a certain gory bent, this may well be your salvation. He might not eat your meals, but would he consider brain jam, pickled eyeballs or perhaps a sprinkling of earwax?

Any child is going to be deeply thrilled to visit such a darkly irreverent place, but there’s more. The shopfront is just a lure to attract the borough’s 8-18 year olds to explore the Ministry of Stories, a creative writing project with headquarters behind the shop. You can read all about the project on the official website or on the WeMadeThis blog.

Based on an original idea by David Eggers, who has set up a Pirates Supplies store in LA and Brooklyn, the London branch has Nick Hornby behind it. The lucky children of Hoxton are, it seems, likely to grow up into a generation of storytellers.

The shop does actually function, but only Tuesday to Friday, 1pm – 5pm, Saturday 11am – 5pm, and it does not yet sell online. If you’re near Hoxton, though, it may be time to buy in your Halloween goodies.


  1. Neil Grayshon says:

    Hoxton Street Monster Supplies is now trading online at – really great stuff!

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