Mini Giveaway – 3 prizes of Rosie Flo Colouring Books & Posters to be won

rosie flo sticky colouring book Rosie Flo's Night-time
johnny joe's colouring book rosie flo's christmas house

rosie flo house colouring posterWhen I was at Top Drawer (a cool retail trade show) a couple of months back, the very lovely peeps at Rosie Flo sent me home with a few colouring books and posters which I’ve been saving up until now for a mini giveaway. One of my favourite stocking fillers (included in my stocking filler feature yesterday), these colouring books, and now posters, are the height of cool with their beautiful illustrations that make these the contemporary answer to colouring in.

Featuring pages and pages of lovely outfits and scenes for heads, legs, and arms to be added, the ‘boys’ versions (Johnny Joe) feature action filled scenes, and there are poster versions including a Christmas one. The paper in each one is a nice thick quality and is FSC certified and the lines of the drawings are nice and thin so they appeal to wide group of ages starting from four years old – I could easily sit and colour in these if I had time!

I’ve got five to give away – their sticky colouring book (believed to be the first colour in your stickers book), a nightime version with black pages, a Johnny Joe, and two Christmas posters and House poster. The colouring books are worth £5.99 each and the posters are £2.99 each.

To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post – please don’t put your address/tel no or anything like that! I will draw 3 winners at random – you’ll each get a colouring book and poster. If you’d like to specify which (but not guaranteed if choices between winners clash) put your chosen colouring book and poster in your comment. Comp closes Friday 11th December at 9pm. You can also email your entry to contact AT if for some reason you don’t want to use the comment box.

You need to be a member of the daily email update or if you’re not on the list, by entering you’re agreeing to be added to the notification. If you don’t want to subscribe to this list, don’t enter the comp! Prizes will be dispatched by me so no passing your info to third parties and it’s open to the UK and Ireland only. You should receive your prize within 7 days of notification. No cash alternative offered.


  1. Lucy Cheffy says:

    These look lovely. The retro styling means there is no need to hide these away!

  2. lydia donnachie says:

    What a cool find! i think i’d enjoy these more than the kids! thanks for another great post.

  3. Charlotte Perry says:

    The boys colouring book looks great very different to the norm.
    Going to have to unsubscribe soon as every email i seem to fall in love with something!!

  4. Oh no not another item I love!

  5. Abby Bookham says:

    I know three girls that would love these!

  6. tahira ali says:

    v cool

  7. Zoe Ashpole says:

    I quite often buy these as pressies – but my kids haven’t got any! They’re lovely.

  8. My little boy Wills loves all things retro … he has made a huge salt dough rocket for his Daddy for Christmas and has made me promise to have a fondue on Christmas Day!!…I have a feeling Johnny Joe would rock his world!

  9. Aneesa Ahmad says:

    Forget the kids, I want to colour these books myself

  10. Yes please!

  11. I’m into my third childhood now I have a little grandson – these are brilliant

  12. Hells Bells says:

    These are so lovely. Not sure my three year old would appreciate them as much though!

  13. My 4.5 year old (that half is VERY important) has been doing some great ‘staying inside the lines’ recently and I’m sure he would make a masterpiece of Jhonny Joe. Big fan of BG keep up the good work!

  14. Yet another find courtesey of BG! I love the retro look.

  15. a Johnny Joe, thank you very much for running!

  16. I have a child that would love to look,
    at Rosie Flo’s special colouring book;
    It may stop her from poking out her tongue,
    oh, if only I could get my hands on one!

  17. Hope Hughes says:

    These look lovely and will be very popular with lots of boys and girls, including my own!

  18. these are lovely-unusual too!

  19. Don’t have an original thought in my head – every pressie I’ve bought so far is one you’ve recommended Nat – keep up the good work.

  20. Nerys Williams says:

    mummy would love helping with these!

  21. Mummy LOVES these!!!

  22. Very neat coloring books!

  23. just the ticket for when the grand kids come to visit – please consider them for this prize. thanks bron

  24. These look great really different from the ordinary!

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