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Ruby Cot Bed by Marks and Spencer Oscar Cot Bed Zoom Click here to Zoom Oscar Cot Bed from marks and spencer

Natalie writes…Over the last few months, we’ve had quite a few people arrive at BG after searching for ‘Marks and Spencer cots’ which I was a little mystfied by considering that they didn’t sell any at the time, but those M&S addicts will be pleased to know that there’s a nursery section online with an introductory offer of 20% off.

The range, at present comprises of seven items – two cot beds, two wardrobes, two changing units, and a mattress, all in white (described as ‘predominantly’ solid wood)…or in solid pine, and I thought I’d highlight the two cotbed offerings which are pretty indicative of all the other pieces.

Now admittedly, I’m not good with the whole natural pine thing as it’s a bit rustic for my tastes but where I can’t fault them is that their cotbeds have storage underneath – a territory usually reserved for the likes of style giants like Kuster, Aspace, and Netto.

Their Oscar Cot Bed (£199) (above right) even though it’s pine, will work in a variety of settings, and ultimately, it does come down to how you dress the nursery and modern intepretations of traditional, classic styles are certainly de rigour. Bedding will be key here! Oh and their cotbeds are built to last till around 5 years old so even with the mattress added on for £99, the price is good – trust me, there are cotbeds made out of a lot less solid woods that are far more expensive.

This is pretty much what I’d expect from Marks and Spencer – solid, practical, and classic. Introductory prices start from £99 for their sprung mattress to £279 for the Oscar Wardrobe. Their delivery time is 8 weeks though. View the nursery collection.

Ideal for: M&S addicts turned parents, traditionalists on a budget, and ‘the practicals’

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