Little Titans cool tights for boys

Why, oh why hasn’t anyone thought of this until now? I’m not normally in favour of gender-specific items, preferring all things equal/unisex, but tights are one piece of clothing that it’s genuinely difficult to get hold of non-pink/floral/kittens styling. Yet they are sooooo much more convenient than socks, so I’m sure many a mini man sports girlie hosiery under their baby trousers.

Enter Little Titans, purveyors of cooler-than-cool tights for boys. We’re talking serious style here – think stripes with contrasting kneepads – combined with the practicality of cotton, non-slip soles and snug terry feet, all packaged up in a funky box making them a brilliant pressie idea. Now, and I’ve saved the best until last, what aspiring superhero wouldn’t want to be seen out and about in red boots with a lightning flash? None that I know of. All styles available in three sizes (0-1, 1-2 and 2-3) at £14.99 a pair from the site, or Little Stomper who are doing free shipping on preorders.


  1. I’ve long dressed my boys in tights as the only true way to avoid unwanted skin exposure.
    I think these tights look fabulous but at this price I shall be sticking with my plain navy and grey ones.

  2. £14.99 A PAIR? You have got to be kidding…
    I’m happy to pay for good quality clothes for my children, and I rarely buy supermarket brands, but £14.99 for one pair of tights is waaaay off the mark.

    • I agree it seems a lot, but I’m thinking of them more as footed leggings as they’re quite thick and way too good-looking to cover up!

  3. How can a 2 month old and a 12 month old fit them? Agree £15 is far too expensive for what are generic tights nothing eye popping at all. And WHY do boys clothing companies think sporty aggressive/hero is acceptable, it’s as frustrating as
    My daughter being expected to be a princess!

    • It’s to do with the material and the way in which they are made, much like baby legwarmers like Baby Legs which can be used from birth and for the next several years (I don’t think that they last until twelve but we have used ours for five years) or those Trumpette socks that last from 0-1. The price is all relative. If you’re going to use the tights from 0-1 instead of four pairs of tights over the same period, then cost per wear wise, it doesn’t look expensive. You could buy a pair of tights for a fiver and if they’re worn once they’re an expensive pair of tights. They’re also Oeko-tex standard which is organic certified and toxic chemical free. As with anything that’s featured, it’s down to taste so can fully appreciate that you don’t like them although if they are generic, please send links to similar tights as we would be eager to feature! I imagine the superhero thing is because superhero’s wear tights.

  4. I don’t think knee patches would be on the knee of a baby and a toddler? I have tights for my daughter and they certainly wouldn’t fit the same over a 12 month growing period especially in the first year! Little Titans are not organic? Oeko is not organic certification I am German and its a standard safe chemical certification we have on most of our garments! I follow a Facebook page for a company called slugs and snails they make very special boys tights and have been around a while now!

    • Ah but yes you are correct Annie re Oeko tex and that’ll teach me for responding when half asleep.

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