Lisa DeJohn Flash Cards

Alphabet Animals Flash Cards by lisa dejohno is for octopus flashcard by lisa dejohn

Our obsession with flash cards knows no bounds, so I was mega-excited when I discovered this gorgeous alphabet set, in Wickle (a mecca for all things completely fab in Lewes with a disappointingly small selection of stock on its website – boo, hiss!) while shopping with friends. Designed by artist Lisa DeJohn (no idea why Amazon insists on calling her Susie), each letter is represented by a quirkily illustrated animal – I particularly like the long-eyelashed octopus and the sassy queen bee, a nice alternative to the quail for Q. Stick them around the nursery frieze-style, use them to teach your little one the alphabet or, as I have, pick out your child’s name for a personalised artwork.

£8.99 each

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