Lillipops are little ice pops made from spring water and natural flavours designed to ease nausea, heatburn and dry mouth in pregnancy. There are five flavours: ginger, grapefruit & tangerine, lime & vanilla, camomile & orange and lemon & mint and they come in multi-boxes of 20.

When we heard about these iced soothies we wanted to find out if they actually helped. As none of us are pregnant we put a call out on our Facebook page for some willing volunteers. The feedback was mixed: some people raved about them calming down those terrible waves of sickness while others said they taste nice but didn’t do much for them. I think it comes down to a case of suck it and see – they might work for you but if they don’t at least they’re tasty.

Having tried one or two myself for research I can say they taste good and are a little more crumbly in texture than solid ice. They would have worked really well for me when I was pregnant as I loved sucking ice. The flavours are light but I do think they would benefit from selling single flavour packs too as you’re bound to like some more than others.

RRP £9.99 currently on sale at Amazon for £9.06 for a box of 20.

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