Last day to apply for 2012 Olympics tickets

If you’re anything like me you’ve been meaning to apply for tickets to the 2012 London Olympic Games but haven’t quite gotten around to it. It is one of those rare opportunities to be a part of something exciting and magnificent.We’ll be applying for tickets to see some of the more entertaining events such as the diving, gymnastics and showjumping as I think they will hold the attention of our children who will be aged 1 – 5.

Edited to add: Children under 16 only pay their age in pounds so a five year old pays £5 on blue flag marked events.

Ticket applications close tonight, April 26th 2011 at 11:59pm.


  1. Just looked at the gymnastics tickets, even the very cheapest are £50 each (the priciest are an eye watering £450 a piece) which would be £250 for us to go to and that’s wiithout travel or accomodation. What a shame, looks like we’ll be glued to the TV instead.

    • Abby – good point, children under 16 only pay their age in pounds making it much better value for kids. There are some bargains to be had on adult tickets as well so worth spending some time browsing. Have updated the post x

      • I couldn’t figure out how to do the kid tickets but we bid on the cheapest tickets for athletics and gymnastics which clocked in at £200 for the two of us. I’m treating this like the MJ concerts – I’d have been gutted if I hadn’t at least tried.

  2. Thanks, just registered for some opening night tickets. Can’t believe they sell them for £2000+…. I only got the cheapest £20 ones though :-)

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