Kids.modern Roundup

Yesterday, the boyf, the bambino and I braved the cold and headed over to Dulwich to check out some of the finest of modern design for kids. In stark contrast to Bubble which is trade only, there were ‘little people’ all over the place with frazzled, distracted parents like us following close behind them. The bambino went into One Woman Whirlwind mode, treating the place like a giant playroom and charming exhibitors…and winding us up…

What’s fantastic about Kids.modern is it’s heavily British and in a world where we can get dazzled by Scandinavian and US products, this made the show so exciting. It’s also far more balanced in terms of offerings so instead of being assaulted by waaay too much clothing, it was a serious droolfest of products. Here are a few of my highlights and look out for follow up posts:

punch n cuddle

Punch n Cuddle

Think beanbag come cuddly toy come punchbag – we love them! Made from wood and tactile fabrics in a quirky, one-eyed design, it invites physical and emotional expression and is fantastic fun for kids and overgrown kids like mums and dads. I’ll update when they’re available to buy. Visit Punch n Cuddle

bold and noble alphabot print

Bold and Noble

I first saw these a few weeks back when I got a sneak preview of Little Baby Company’s new collection and we were seriously wowed when we saw the collection of very affordable prints and height charts. They’re all hand printed onto a 100% recycled card and feature very stark cool illustrations against a variety of bold or white backgrounds. Visit Bold & Noble

helen minns large cylinder rabbit lampshade helen minns cushions
Helen Minns
Helen’s hand printed range of linen products are hot, hot, HOT! If you’ve ever wondered how you get bunnies in the home without going twee, look no further! Exquisite doesn’t even cover her pieces! Visit Helen Minns
bygraziela wall organiser
I raved about byGraziela’s bedding a couple of weeks ago, and when I met up with Nina who is the daughter of German designer, Graziela Preiser who originally created the iconic designs in the 70s, we were like long lost pals! I got to see other prints that will eventually be relaunched and it was like salivation central! Visit byGraziela. Also available at Little Baby Company

hubas soft toys
This range of cuddly creature cushions and pet pouches (storage bags) in fabulous contrasting prints are scrumptious! There’s Oskar the Fish, Berta the Bird, Franz the Cockeral, and Thea the Mouse. Visit Hubas.
moozle teepee 200902160846.jpg
Handmade homewares and accessories from Wales, like this beautiful, whimsical teepee and neon pink booties, and other delights include crochet blankets just like your granny used to make ’em and beanbag cushions in yummy vintage prints. Visit Moozle
WALLPAPER - PIGEONS200902160924.jpg
Thornback & Peel
A modern twist on traditional themes, this range of baby clothing, homewares, and wallpaper is delectable! Clever use of colour and contrast, plus stark, beautifully detailed illustrations, have me hankering for their pieces! Visit Thornback & Peel

Famille Summerbelle Cushions
Famille Summerbelle
We’re huge fans of this family run company here at BG and their inspired, distinctive designs have become hugely popular around the world in quick time. They have some new prints coming out soon. Visit Famille Summerbelle.
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dearnley designs stool
Faye Dearnley of Dearnley Designs
She’s only graduated from uni a few months ago, and has wasted no time designing and making her totally unusual pieces of multifunctional play furniture, soft toys, and accessories. Visit Dearnley Designs or buy from All Things Original.
alfonsodenicola limited edition changing bag
Alfonso de Nicola
Range of handbags and changing mats, with the highlight being their limited edition changing bag which unzips and opens out into changing station mode, making it a doddle to locate everything. Visit Alfonso de Nicola

it's a girl card by lollipop design

Lollipop Design

Yummy birth annoucement, party invitations, canvas prints, and cotton shoppers. The bulk of the range is eco friendly on recycled materials. Visit the Lollipop Design Shop

ninetonine bedroom


We’ve been big fans of this range of high end, beautifully crafted furniture from Spain since last summer, and it was great to get up close and personal with the range, even though it surpasses my budget. Available from Ninetonine.

collection.jpg collection-1.jpg
Made With Love by Mrs Booth
It was great to meet Mrs Booth in person who we’ve been a fan of since last year. Her alphabet friezes are super cool and simple, reminding me of illustrations from the childhood books of my youth. Loving the name cards versions too. Visit Mrs Booth
I’m hugely enamoured and invigorated about kids products after the show which had around 50 exhibitors. I can’t highlight everyone, but I must shout out to:
Mini Moderns (we didn’t have tea spillage this time although Keith does think I’m having an early arrival due to my low bump….), Molly Meg (not sure how long I’ll be able to resist the chair buying urge for – see my recent post), Bloq (amazing chest of drawers that are waaaay out of my credit crunch budget plus their cool chalk stool), Anorak (love, love, love this range of English countryside inspired gear and Laurie the designer – see our previous posts), Cloud Cuckoo Designs (Had a good gassing session with Claire who also informs me of a new range of character bedding coming out later this year), Mini Myne (great yapping with Tabitha and flexing the ‘ole product design degree as we discussed concepts!), Christa Davis (palpitation central when you see her Liberty print kids clothing), Olive & Moss (felt super excited at the news of wall stickers being launched later this year), Arash & Kelly (thanks for spending so much time drawing with the bambino who was entertaining the crowd with their Genius Pads! We also brought some giant paperclips which we’ll be using as a magazine rack), A White Room (they have some very cool new Magis chairs made from polystyrene that we’ll have to feature. Too funny when the bambino fell off the Magis Puppy but got straight back up and insisted on getting on the hu-ge one instead), Nordic Elements (we’ve raved about their ‘tipis’ before and they have some very cool leather storage), and Name Clothing (Whilst I don’t do slogans, I do like very cool bags and aprons with appliqued fruit).