Kat’s Top Gifts for New Parents

Yesterday I shared my ten favourite products for babies but I don’t want to forget about the parents. So here are a few ideas of gifts that look after the Mamas and the Papas.

Remember those early days when you feel like you can conquer the world yet you forget to feed yourself a proper meal?  It may be a bit corny but make up a meal that’s easy to reheat and drop it over. Failing a meal you know there is always room for some cake or chocolate…

For me I spent a lot of time breast feeding and holding napping babies. As well as turning to twitter for company there’s no beating a good boxset especially when you’re up at 2am and there’s nothing on TV. Gossip Girl, The Good Wife, 30 Rock – so many great shows to choose from.

Something we have always made a lot of use of is annual passes to local attractions. Local country parks, zoos, aquariums are all brilliant places to get out for a walk with the baby and it’s a gift that will grow with the family.

If you’re talking about a second or third baby an offer of a playdate or trip to the park for the other siblings. Not only does it give the parents a little respite but it gives the older children some special attention. I totally love the friends who did the playgroup run for me when I was so pregnant I could hardly walk.

The absolute ultimate gift for me would have been a cleaner for a few weeks. I’m not one for housework at the best of times so taking the pressure off would have been golden.

How about you? What gifts do you give to new parents?


  1. Nice list. A bit of help with the day to day stuff is always welcome when you have a new baby.

    I like to give new parents some really indulgent hand cream. Between changing nappies, feeding, dressing and just generally being around a newborn, you’re washing your hands so often that they can get really dry & cracked.

  2. I think for us, as much as i initially complained, was having the inlaws close to hand who had cooked up some food and were generally just there to make cups of teas for guests, clean and tidy….. although after a few days I was begging the other half to tell them to leave!

  3. Personally I would really appreciate tried and tested baby carrier, so I wouldn’t need to go through many mistakes until I got THE ONE. Just got a cosy shopper for new baby for our friend, a buggy clip (to hold bags) and (oh, is a must have for myself!!!) breastfeeding necklace in very very nice design!

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