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Last week we featured the nursery of Jane Foster’s daughter, Polly, which is an explosion of colour and design. If you are feeling inspired by her retro-a-go-go style but don’t know where to lay your hands on the vintage goodies then step inside Jane’s shop.

Her cushions alone could bankrupt me as every single one is gorgeous. Jane uses vintage fabrics, contemporary designs and her own screen prints to create the range. Many fabrics are from notable designers such as Marion Mahler, Orla Kiely, Mary White, Lucienne Day and Heals. They start at £15 and go up to £35 – £40 for the more rare fabrics.

Jane’s screen printed designs can currently be found on Clothkits products and Habitat postcards. You can also buy unique artworks from her site. The range of screen prints are priced from £15 to £60 with the limited edition Sunshine Yellow A3 Owl Print (top right) coming in at £30. I love the mixture of fabric and screen print in her collages which range from £25 to £40.

I could expound for pages but you can see for yourselves that the shop is packed full of goodies.


  1. Oooh, I love the cats.


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