j Junior by Jasper Conran Christening Gowns

j Junior by Jasper Conran Christening GownsChristening gowns aren’t actually the easiest thing to come by and when we brought ours for the bambino in October, it cost almost £90 from House of Fraser! And trust me, we went to a lot of stores!

I was having a peek through Debenhams new arrivals and j Junior by Jasper Conran have a fab range of christening wear with unbelievable prices for the gowns of £32 – £38! They are 100% silk with 100% cotton lining with some having embroidery and lace detail.

Christening dresses are £28 and the romper suits are £24 plus there are accessories like shoes and bonnets.

Update 07/01/09 We have removed the link as Debenhams don’t appear to be selling this range online currently.


  1. Help! Where are all the nice christening outfits hiding. I just want something quite plain and modern, and I have twins so not too expensive. I noticed some of the high street stores do them but only girls. That is so unfair I have one of each!

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