Inspiration: Yarn Balloons and Paper Lanterns for Party Decorations

rainbows and unicorn party

yarn balloons

Saria ‘the bambino’ was four a couple of days ago and we’re having a little party for her on Saturday and I’ll be making some of these fantastic yarn balloons that I spotted over at Juicy Bits blog, where Jessica threw a unicorns and rainbows party for her daughter. The instructions are over at Family Fun although there does seem to be debate over type of glue (I’ll be using ‘craft’ glue – ie decent PVA as I have no clue where to buy starch) and I will report back imminently.

paper lanterns at Martha Stewart
Over at Martha Stewart, they have these paper lanterns which are made using one of those bog standard paper lantern shades you can pick up in the likes of Ikea and most DIY stores, tissue paper circles and double sided tape. My first thought was “Oh hell to the fecking NO! I’m not cutting out all those circles!” But it turns out you can buy such things on Amazon as well as Earlyyearsathome, or Homecrafts Direct (you need to scroll down the page for some weird reason), plus no doubt a decent sized craft shop sells these. Or you can cut the circles out yourself. Colour fiend that I am, I suggest going for bold brights. Incidentally, these would look great at a baby shower.
Also for other ideas of what you can do with one of these lanterns, check out our recent post on bunting lanterns.


  1. Love these. Might have to just make some for myself!

  2. That looks fantastic !
    Maybe you can use wallpaper paste to make the yarn balloons , like with making papier-mache shapes ?

  3. Natalie says:

    oh MY SUPER GOSH!! i had a rainbow party for william a few years ago and i did NOTHING this cool! i so have to make yarn balloons too… JUST BECAUSE! oh and the tissue paper shades look rocking too! i saw some circles pre cut on viking direct recently, was wanting to buy them for no reason, but now i’m just going to have to buy them!!!!!! 😉 x

  4. Very clever looking decorations! I sure hope they are easy enough for my kids to do so they can help put together their own partys!

  5. Would love to know how the glue worked…

  6. Paper Lanterns For Weddings says:

    The yarn balloons are amazing! Can we make them on our own?

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