Ikea Duktig Workbench and Tools

I have been stalking the new products section at Ikea awaiting the arrival of these stupendous toys in UK stores. Following on from the massive success of the Duktig Kitchen launched in 2009 they have released a mini-workbench for the mini-DIYer in your life.

The Duktig workbench is made from birch ply and is adjustable to three heights. It has a backboard with holes to insert screws and pegs. There is a clamp at the front to hold those projects in place while you work. It has runners to fit a Trofast storage box underneath which gives it the big thumbs up on storage. You can accessorise it with their toolkit although I am disappointed that it is plastic rather than wooden. I am loving the soft toolbelt which has everything a good carpenter needs.

The workbench is £56.16, the Trofast storage box is £2.55, the toolkit is £6.99 and the toolbelt and soft tools are £6.12.

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