Hotness! Livyluloo seat liners for pushchairs & baby car seats

Livyluloo seat liners for Maclaren pushchairs, Maxi cosi pebble car seats and universeal seat liners

If I were still using a pushchair – sometimes I miss our Maclaren because I’m laden down with stuff while out with the kids and wondering why the hell I’m only just realising how much stuff I take out with me – I would be all over one of these seat liners by Livyluloo.

An affordable way of injecting a bit of style oomph into what you may have come to regard as a jaded looking pushchair or car seat or as a concession to not splurging on a pushchair that’s a bit rich for your budget, founder Jennifer has designed a range of highly attractive seat liners with the ‘universal’ fitting all standard buggies (Maclaren, Silvercross, Mothercare, Chico, O Baby etc) and then the ‘baby universal’ fits all Baby Jogger models. There’s also the divine Pebble sheets for the Maxi-Cosi Pebble car seat as well as some other car seats and the cocoons (top right) which fit in both car seats and pushchairs.

From Missoni-esque zig-zag prints, to Liberty-like paisley rose, to grey and white polka and a reversible blue and white star print, there’s plenty to delight and transform even the most worn out looking pushchairs and car seats.  From £18.99 for the Pebble sheet up to £55 for the cocoon at Livyluloo.

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