Hot Picks from…Ikea

I had a recent trip to Ikea to buy my Brada Laptop Support and spotted several cool wallet fantastic items. Seriously, I can never go in there and buy just one item!

MATA 4-piece eating set MATA 4-piece eating set in blackMATA 4-piece eating set

Ah…you know I’m a sucker for black baby gear, although this set also comes in red, green, and white.

£1.65 (bargain-o-rama!)

Available in store only

SPOLING changing table SPOLING Changing Table

Serious swoon session alert! Whilst these new changing tables come in white, it’s black, black, black all the way for me!

Featuring a removable, washable cover, with storage pockets that hang over the side with a storage net that could also be used as a laundry bag. There’s also the handy shelf on the bottom. The frame itself is made from steel.

£45.90 and it’s available online

duktig cookware set Duktig Cookware Set

Suitable from 3 years plus, this four piece mini cookware set made from stainless steel, is perfect for your pretend play kitchen and startling good value.

£8.80 in store only. Get the 5 piece utensil set for only £3.42

Duktig Tea/Coffee Set duktig tea/coffee set

Another cool set from the Duktig range, there are 10 multicoloured, stoneware pieces to enable your little one to host their tea/coffee sessions in cool, pastel, budget style. Also suitable from 3 years.

£6.84 in store only.

Also check out their 24 piece dinner service (twenty four pieces) for £6.84 or get a 12 piece matching plate and bowl set for £6.84. Hell, why not throw in some miniature glasses too for £1.95!?!


  1. […] After my post about making your own cardboard kitchen, I got tipped off by BG reader Alison about a tutorial for making a roll up kitchen playmat over on Balancing Everything. You could hand stitch or use a sewing machine plus if you want to fancy it up a bit, you could embroider and stitch some extra detail like putting hot and cold on the taps or red stitching for the heat on the cooker rings. Made from a mix of wool felt and pretty fabric on the reverse, this is brill for some portable pretend play fun. Get super cheap mini pots and pans from Ikea’s brilliant Duktig range. […]

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