Hot Buy! Organic Tracksuits by Shampoodle

Black organic tracksuit by Shampoodle Smurf blue organic tracksuit by Shampoodle Sand organic tracksuit by Shampoodle

hot buy bambino goodiesIf you’re gonna go down the tracksuit route, you know it’s got to be a cool one and I’m loving these fabulous organic ones by Shampoodle which are designed to last with extra long ribbed cuffs on the sleeves and legs meaning they’ll last your tot through three (yes you did read right) sizes – ooh very efficient cost per wear! Just roll up or roll down to get their size. Made from heavy weight organic terry cotton with little pockets on the front, they even come with their own cool little drawstring bag and are washable at 60 degrees. £42.99 Nordic Kids starting from 3 months in black, ‘Smurf blue’ (love it!), and sand.


  1. I was wondering where I can buy the organic tracksuit by shampoodle?

  2. Hi Kyra please click the link for Nordic Kids in the post above and you can purchase Thanks

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