Hot Buy of the Day: Brio Rock On

I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I spotted this super-hot buy on Amazon. As we all know, Brio are the purveyors of quality wooden Swedish playthings and a big BG favourite. The Rock On is a modern reworking of the rocking horse that is minimalist enough to sit happily in a grown-up living space – ours is in front of me in the lounge as I write and in no way offends my style sensibilities, plus Alfie adores it. Anyway, I digress. We bought our Rock On for about £50 back in April, but this offer has it priced at just £19.99. An amazing bargain. Suitable for 12 months upwards. Be quick though as they’re bound to go quickly.


  1. Wow great find I have been looking at this for a while. That’s another christmas present for the youngest sorted!

  2. Madelyn Dransfield says:

    OMG, so excited I found this post. Have just ordered it. I love all things Brio and know that my little boy is going to just love this for Christmas and my daughter will be pleased she no longer has to share her Playsam rocking horse!

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