Hot Buy! byGraziela Vintage Wallpaper Posters

bygraziela circus print Vintage Wallpaper-Poster farm by bygraziela

My eyes were on stalks (OK not literally but you get the gist!) when I laid eyes on the fabulousness that is these vintage wallpaper posters from byGraziela.

vintage wallpaper bygraziela ABC print.I’ve loved all things byGraziela since I featured the bedding a few months back as they feature the wonderful, nostalgic patterns of iconic German designer Graziela Preiser, who has relaunched her patterns with her daughter Nina onto their range of interior accessories for kids.

The posters are made from the original wallpaper from the 70s which they have pulled out of their archives. They’re silk-screened and you can choose between a childishly cool circus, farm, or alphabet.

hot buy bambino goodiesThey’re approximately 53 X 61 cm and you get them unframed for £40 each from byGraziela. Instant vintage cool for a nursery or playroom, although I wouldn’t be afraid to put one of these in my sitting room! Oh and check out our tour of Nina’s nursery.


  1. Brónagh says:

    Hi does anyone how to get hold of these? Desperate, but the website is in German. Does byGraziela have a website in English?

  2. Hi Bronagh – There’s the option for English on the homepage. Try this will email also

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