Hop ‘n’ Squeak shoes

So, my quest for the best toddler boys’ shoes continues. I recently told you about the fabulous See Kai Run, but I also found a British company that makes children’s footwear sans cartoon characters and flashing lights. Another exhibitor at the Brighton Baby Expo (it proved so much more rewarding than I was expecting), Hop ‘n’ Squeak are based in Wales and produce a small, stylish collection of children’s footwear in UK sizes 3 to 7.

Hop ‘n’ Squeak shoes have velcro fastenings and manmade uppers, lined with super-soft leather for breathability. They are designed with plenty of wriggle room for growing tootsies. They have bendy rubber soles and (here’s the USP) a hidden squeaker that lets out a little squeak every time your toddler takes a step. We bought a pair of Harry sandals which have proved comfortable and durable (survived being dragged along the ground while A was sitting on his trike). A absolutely loves the squeak and they attracted a lot of attention at the park (don’t worry, the squeakers are removable, by an adult, if you find it too annoying).

At £20 per pair with free UK p&p, they’re not too extortionate either. I’m thinking Freddie (pictured above) will be perfect for winter. There’s a good range of cute and colourful girls’ shoes too including these eye-popping lime and pink numbers (pictured below) and plain red Mary Janes (currently on sale for £10) that would be ideal for nursery.

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