Hommu Eco Wall Vinyls

I’m always on the lookout for cool nursery art and I’m thinking that this fabulous Learning Animals wall vinyl will perfectly complement Alfie’s Bold & Noble Birds Around Britain print. Part of the Minni range, made by Barcelona-based interiors company Hommu, it features a host of animal silhouettes against a vibrant red background and is a great educational tool – at 16 months, Alfie loves identifying and making the noises of animals. And there’s no need to worry about environmentally unfriendly plastic stickers, these decals are recyclable, as is the rather chic cardboard packaging.

You can also buy a green dinosaur or yellow alphabet and numerals version or, if you’ve got the space, super-size any of the three designs to extra large. All this loveliness does come at a price – large vinyls are £42 and extra large, £87, with p&p £15 from design nirvana Bouf.


  1. Gorgeous designs – agree bit pricey, but not if you price against buying wallpaper and pictures.


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