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happy hopperz cow

happy hopperz elephantsI recently took both of the kids to The Baby Show at the Excel Centre (never again, took me a couple of days to recover) and Saria went nuts when she saw the stand full of Happy Hopperz, a range of bouncy animals made from phthalate free PVC. I literally had to beg her to leave as she had a ride of nearly every single one on the stand!

They actually look ‘louder’ in the photos than they do in the flesh and the idea is that your child can increase their balance control and co-ordination, plus strengthen their core muscles whilst having fun. The ears are there to be gripped for support plus they can be inflated to various sizes depending on age.

Available in a host of designs including dogs, a panda, horses, bulls, and the cows and elephant shown, they’re also in a several colours. Tactile and flexible so will no doubt be cuddled as well. I shouldn’t be surprised that she loved them as I spent a lot of time on my space hopper when I was a kid!

The age recommended is age 3 although Saria, a very tall 33.5 months and had no problem using it.

£21.99 each


  1. OMG these things really are fab! I have FINALLY managed to get hold of a white cow version (they are a best seller by all accounts and hard to get hold off!) It is for my son who is 15 months old and he LOVES it lol
    I have to watch him on it but he manages quite well to hold on and loves to bounce… then again he loved his Jumperoo too lol
    If you are looking for a cow I got mine from babytoms :)

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