Handmade Scooters by Janoschik Toys

Skippy 4 Wheel ScooterNatalie writes…

If the sound of your bambino riding around on a handmade animal scooter is music to your ears, you must check out Janoschik Toys range of four-wheel scooters that are new in at Jellybean Group.

Meticulously hand crafted in Germany to European standards, they’ve come up with classic animal designs for your bambino to ride around on. Made from 90% beech and 10% pine, this is serious quality craftmanship and the wheels are rubber coated so you won’t need to be wincing at wheel marks all over your floors! They’ve been stained and varnished for a slick finish.

They’re suitable from 18 months to 4 years so they’ll get a good stretch of use out of them.

My favourite is Skippy who even has a joey in its little pouch that can be removed but has unfortunately got the ‘Skippy the Bush Kangaroo’ theme tune stuck in my head…

You can see the range of Janoschik scooters at Jellybean where there’s a dog, cat, horse, giraffe, and mouse and they’re £90 each with free delivery just in time for Christmas.

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