Green Toys

I often feel like a spoil sport when I am trying to convince friends and relatives not to buy plastic toys for the kids. In an ideal world I would prefer to only have wooden but in Green Toys I think I have found a compromise.

These plastic fantastics are made from recycled milk bottles and so have an environmental tick on their side immediately. Not only are they recycled but they are also free from BPA, PVC and phthalates. I love the matt finish and imagine they feel different from the usual plastic toys you find. The two trucks are especially appealing and a decent size at 26cm long for the dumper truck and 30cm long for the recycling truck. I’m also loving the tug boat bath toy which has a spout at the front for pouring water and comes in three colourways. You can also get stacking blocks, a stacker, a tea set and a tool kit

Prices start at £11.99 and go up to £23.49 for the trucks and tea set. Available at Toyella.


  1. We have the bucket and spade set and can vouch for their great quality and durability. I’ve had my eye on the garbage truck…we’ll see!

  2. I’ve actually had my eye on the trucks. They look so cool. I also love the matt finish too!

    • We have the tea set – it’s fantastic. I’ve played around with the all of the rest of the stuff and they’re incredibly robust and look great.

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