Funky Baby Bootees and Slippers at Global Kids

Alpaca and sheepskin baby slippersZaki-do-dah's hand knitted spotty bootees I’ve been checking out Globalkids, an organic, natural and fair trade specialist and they have some really adorable footwear for babies.

On the left, I couldn’t resist featuring these fabulous alpaca and sheepskin baby slippers. Made in Ecuador by Pachacuti, each pair is individual taking on the characteristics of the wool. Some may have little brown spots. Available in sizes 22,23,24. £10.99

The hand knitted spotty blue bootees on the right by Zaki-do-dah’s have been made in Bangladesh and are suitable for 0-3. They have gorgeous hand embroidered spots and a little pearl effect button on the strap. They cost a very reasonable £6.99. You can also get a matching blanket and rattle, or mix and match with the pink versions.


  1. Corin Torres says:

    i would purchase these shoes

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