Freja Toys babywearing daddy doll

Babywearing doll

I had to share this amazing doll when I spotted it over at Cool Mom Picks the other day. It ticks so many boxes. 1. It’s a knitted doll. Knitted dolls are cool. 2. It’s babywearing. Babywearing is brilliant – you can even choose between a wrap or ring sling. 3. It’s a dad. There aren’t enough boy dolls out there.* 4. Everything about it is adorable. 5. Shipping is free to anywhere in the world. 6. He’ll cost you about £27 from Ukraine-based Freja Toys.

*Mummy dolls are also available.


  1. Katy Hill says:

    That doll is AMAZING! What a brilliant idea! Finally people recognising that boys like playing with dolls too and want to emulate dads! Thanks for sharing x

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