For the mamas: Stellé Audio Pillar

Stelle Audio Pillar

If you love music but hate the look of most sound systems and trailing leads this is an absolute must buy. The Stellé Audio Pillar (£259) is a speaker system which aims to bridge the gap between home decor and technology. And it does that well. Very well. The sound quality is excellent. It is aesthetically and functionally appealing. You stream to the speaker via blue tooth from any blue tooth enabled device  meaning no dependency on cloud or wifi – hoorah!.

We have ours connected to our phones but also to my laptop and desktop which holds all of our music library. They say on their blurb “no manual required”, and they’re not wrong. It really is easy to use. I had it up and running in minutes. You can connect via USB or with the stereo input lead (it’s included in the pack), and you can also use it as a speakerphone – which was great when the girls and I took a call from a friend in Oz or when the husband calls to speak to Lola.

Stelle Audio Pillar

There are no garish flashing lights and only a few discreet buttons on the top. This means sticky little fingers are not going to be interested in this at all.

The Stellé Audio Pillar has 15 hours continuous playback so I really wish I had been sent this in the summer as I would be taking it when we were out picnicking…. at the moment it lives in the lounge but gets transported wherever I am working, and our stereo has been relegated to under the bed. You can buy from selected Apple stores and from Selfridges, make sure you visit their Stelle site for full spec and stockist info.

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