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blueberry minky birth to potty nappy

Before anyone assumes that I’m telling you to fill up your pants, I’m actually referring to new eco friendly baby products retailer Fill Your Pants. A self-declared “cloth nappy addict”, the owner set up this site to not only bring the best of real nappies but to also provide impartial advice to parents who are contemplating moving over to “real”.

I admit…I am one of those people toying with the idea of real nappies (I shall be trying out some soon…) but the thing that always stands in the way is not knowing enough about them…and laziness. The house already feels like a launderette! But…that won’t stop me from investigating real nappies!

In the meantime, you have to check out the fab site which features brands Babylegs, Bambinex, Blueberry Diapers, Cottons, Green People, Junior Joy, Little Ewe, Little Green Radicals, Mother-Ease, Thirsties, Tots Bots and Wonderoos plus a selection of organic clothing, skincare, mummy stuff, and slings. They even do washable wipes – people wash wipes!?!

The extrovert nappy pictured is the zebra print Blueberry Minky Birth to Potty pocket nappy – Is it just me that finds the word “minky” funny?! Already I am enlightened because I had no idea that you could get one size versions of the modern “real” nappy – this goes from 8lbs to 35lbs and features two rows of snaps for getting the right size and fit. They have an outer layer of laminated soft minky and an inner layer of microfleece. £18.99 but I suppose that the cost is offset by the cost per wear, the length of time you can use it for, and of course your reduced impact on the environment.

I have to admit – reading about the owner selecting nappy accessories to match her baby’s outfits was like music to my ears. Thank God there are other mums who have wacky thoughts like me!


  1. Fun name, love the site… great selection and loads of info… my wife is nuts for this site…

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