Featured Retailer: Yellow Lolly

yellow lollyNatalie writes…

This weeks featured retailer is another one of my style havens that I obsess over…

yellow terry jumpsuit delight by Danish label Alba Baby is an online baby and toddler clothing and lifestyle boutique which started in late 2007. When it first started, it had a choicy selection of super hot Scandinavian clothing brands and has evolved even further now with toys, furniture, and accessories for the cool mini individual in your life.

Who’s behind it? Claire Tyler

yellow lolly's claire

How did the store come about? Claire and I have similar maternity experiences where the thought of going back to work to whopping targets and juggling family life triggered a change in career. That plus her childminder fell through 2 weeks before she was due to go back! She comes from a design background and combined with her husbands internet savviness and her excitement about stylish baby products, Yellow Lolly was born 6 months later.

Why we love it: The moment I set eyes on yellow terry jumpsuit delight by Danish label Alba Baby, I became an instant fan. This is one serious hot spot with brilliant product selection. Their clothing range is a fab blend of hip casual in a delicious palette, and more dressy items, all high quality in fantastic fabrics. All of the clothing is affordable and accessible with no out of reach pricing Oh and great service too!

What are they great for buying: Cool, funky and practical clothing and accessories from tried and tested Scandinavian and European brands. Not one boring item of clothing in sight – great for the eclectic and the funky child.

What brands do they sell? ej sikke lej, Katvig, Mini A Ture, Lille Barn, Kik Kid, Plastisock (coming soon), Moonkids, Vilac, Clould Cuckoo Designs, Brio (coming soon).

Lille Barn Merino Wool Dark Purple and Blue Striped Booties/Slippers Ej Sikke Lej Green Striped Velour Padded Baby All in OneMini A Ture Derry Dark Denim Dungarees

3 of the best products: Best selling are Lille Barn Merino wool accessories range i.e hats mittens, scarves, booties and Baby Wen from Mini A Ture starting from £9, ej sikke lej’s Velour Padded baby all in ones (£24)  which are great for cold days, between bath and bed, early in the morning when the heating hasnt kicked in, and fuel concious parents who dont want to have heating on the the day time and want to keep baby warm without a million layers. Anything at all by Mini A Ture as they’re exceptional quality and style, starting from £17.60.

Vilac Wooden Mini Race Car

Hot Christmas Buy: Vilac is huge for Christmas and Yellow Lolly have a choicy selection. Little race cars for stockings, and the red ride-on race car will be back in stock very soon. Starts from £7.

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