DwellStudio Color & Count placemats

DwellStudio can do no wrong in our eyes. We’ve recently featured a veritable cornucopia of fabulousness courtesy of the label – bed linen, clothing, books – and, at risk of over-exposing them, here’s another one for your wish list. Like the Happy Table customisable mats, these Color & Count placemats are a brilliant way to introduce learning to the dinner table and (massive bonus) entertain bored toddlers so you can enjoy your meal!

There are 36 paper sheets on a tear-off pad, each featuring colour illustrations on one side  – think vegetables, farm scenes, vehicles, all in Dwell’s inimitable style – with items for your little one to count, and black and white line drawings on the reverse just crying out for some colour. As always with DS books, there are a few US/UK translation issues (you’ll have to explain eggplant), but other than that this is a great idea.

Particularly fab for groups of kids – in fact I’ll be taking some along to our annual Christmas rent-a-house extravaganza which, this year, will feature seven under-fives *scared face*. A total bargain at (the strange price of) £6.32 at Amazon.

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