Cuddlemat Magic Colour Change Bathmat from Cuddledry

Remember those t-shirts everyone wore back in the early 90s, the ones which changed colour where you were hot? While at the time I was gutted not to own one, it is a fashion I’m glad I missed the boat on because really, who needed to know I was hot around the collar? T-shirts might not have been the best application of this colour change technology, a bathmat however is an entirely different story.

The unstoppable team at Cuddledry have come up with yet another excellent product for bath time – a bathmat which changes colour when you step on it. As a household with two frisky young children who would rather run up and down the landing naked than be dried after a bath anything which can hold their attention is a relief. We have been lucky enough to check out a bathmat and it has proved to be a big hit. As soon as I showed them how it worked they were hooked and happily make patterns with their wet hands and feet while I dry them without a fuss.

The bathmats are made from 100% cotton and dyed using safe ethically sourced methods under ISO 14001/2001 and is machine washable. They come in either lilac (pictured) or aqua for £14.99.

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