Countdown to Baby 2: Nesting Overdrive

I am in full nesting mode so I have hustled my dad into coming up in a few days and redecorating the bambino’s room (ssh the boyf doesn’t quite ‘understand’ the full extent of my plans), put up a load of shelves, and a few other bits and bobs that we’ve put on the long finger. I had this fantasy that somehow I could hustle everyone into getting my kitchen done (it’s an open kitchen shelving project which I was recently waxing lyrical about on Nest Goodies) but the boyf informed me whilst we were at our consultants appointment that (rightly but annoyingly), it wasn’t practical to plan and sort a kitchen in a matter of days… Boooo! Hiss!

kily baby cot and junior bedbrio sleep cot in yellow

I we haven’t made a decision about a cot yet. The boyf says I have a very good imagination if I actually think that I have a cats hope in hell of shelling out €950 on the stunning Kily baby and junior bed (mentioned here and pictured above left) which is sold at KidsLoveDesign. The very likely resident will be Brio’s Sleep Cot (pictured above right and mentioned here) and a far more palatable £200-ish.

Other’s on the shortlist are the Stokke Sleepi (RRP is around £450) and possibly Aspace’s Tribeca (£550 and mentioned here) or the Kuster Cotbed (around £599 mentioned here) – all below. The bambino sleeps in the Leander Cot (now currently in daybed mode) which was given to us as a gift by the boyf’s mum but me suspects that the credit crunch has killed off that level of gifting…

stokke sleepi aspace tribeca cot kuster cotbed

Mind you, ‘baby 2’ probably won’t be taking up residence in her cot for another 3 months so we have got time to dilly dally and in the meantime, they’ll be sleeping in the acid (sulphur) green Dreami Carrycot (featured here ages back) that the bambino did.


I really want an Eames RAR Rocker (pictured right – we’ve mentioned it here and here) but the credit crunch computer says ‘NO!’ so I need to come up with a plan B or get cracking on flogging our third bedroom come second hand shop full of gear… To fund my shopping habits, ebay has been been great on both the buying and selling side, although most of my buying has been of fabrics…

Oh didn’t I mention that I am addicted to sewing with multiple sewing projects on the go?! Think oversized cushions with retro and vintage prints in the sitting room and I’m about to start on some accessories for the kitchen plus I have numerous plans for the baby nursery and…I have to keep reminding myself that I am supposed to be resting! But nesting is so much fun!

We’re off to Ikea on Thursday which I’m dreading because I can’t hack the place when I’m pregnant (or Marks and Spencers in Croydon) as I get a sensation of walking round in circles like a dog chasing my tail very quickly and want to keep sitting down… I shall be making some storage solutions decisions which will leave scope for customising or ‘hacking’ so look out for future posts on ‘what happened next’. Right must go nest rest…


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