Cool Spot: Just So Festival

just so festival

Ah…festival season is approaching which means the usual fare of wellies, mud, portaloo cabins, camping, and hopefully plenty of fun. Just So Festival is launching this August in Barnswood, Staffordshire. This not-for-profit organisation has put together a boutique festival over a weekend with an ancient woodland providing the backdrop to the festivities which are specifically aimed at engaging children in art, music, and literature, with a lot of the activities being very suited to under 4s. Think of it as Glastonbury but for kids, making it a very unique format here in the UK.

Samples of what’s in store include a paper play space for babies and parents, an Artyarn Drop In where you can learn to knit and crochet, 80s disco, vintage fairground, storytellers dotted around the glades, a Moomin party to help celebrate the 65th birthday of them iconic Finnish characters, an animal area, a lantern parade, music from Indie-rock bands like The Scaremongers, a 1920s style cinema show, and much more. There will also be a marketplace where you can shop for crafted delights.

We wanted to feature this a couple of months back but weekend tickets which include camping, have been sold out for yonks, so you can only buy day tickets, or if you fancy spending the weekend, you’ll have to find accommodation nearby.

Under 5’s go free for day tickets, over 5’s are £10, and adults (16+) are £20 each and there is a list of nearby campsites on the tickets page.


  1. You beat us to it, we have a post on this scheduled for later this week!

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