Designer Pushchair Alert: Concord Neo Carbon


If you’re the type that coughed a lot or even swooned at the price of a Stokke Xplory then I would avoid reading the last line of this post… If you’re the type that has to have the pushchair that hardly anyone else has or just happen to be feeling flush during the credit crunch, this could be the pushchair for you. For me it is way out of my price range…

The Concord Neo Carbon is a first of its kind in the pushchair market because the frame is handmade made from high tech carbon, the sort used by the aerospace industry. This makes it very lightweight, so highly manoeuvrable but it also minimises vibration which makes for a really smooth and comfortable ride for your child.

The lining is made from the finest merino wool, a fantastic eco friendly and skin friendly all season material in either black or white, with matching leather handles, and a choice of two types of wheel, air cushioned tubed tyres or solid foam tyres with the latter making it even more lightweight. The design is innovative and pure and when folded is very compact.  Only a few are handmade in Germany, so you know it is for the elitist amongst you.

It comes with a complete travel system – buggy, pram and infant carrier and certainly sounds pretty spectacular if you are seriously design led.

It is not readily found in the shops but I have found it available at Babybirds for £999.00.  I have seen reports of it costing up to £1699.


  1. I bought a Concord neo (not the carbon one) in January 2008 and since then it’s been just problems. It was the brakes at the beginning plus hard to fold. After a month of phone calls and right before I was loosing my patience I got a new chasis, with new brakes system and a rather nice shopping basket, but then more problems…the front wheels started locking by themselves and it’s absolutely impossible to unlock them. I asked the shop where I got it and also Concord, for a refund and they both refused to do it, they’re offering me now a THIRD chasis.
    I asked Concord for an extended warranty and they refused….if they trust their products, you would imagine they wouldn’t have any problems to give me another warranty don’t you think?, not reassuring at all.
    Concord’s customer service is very poor.
    Don’t waste your money nor your time in a pushchair that looks good but doesn’t work properly!


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