City of Dreams by Mon Petit Art

I do love a good cardboard construction toy – evidenced by the amount on KidsOnRoof and Junzo Terada in our house – so I was thrilled to spot Mon Petit Art’s City of Dreams while ‘browsing’ in the Tate Modern shop the other day (perils of working in Southwark).

The building kit comprises a cardboard carry case containing a tower and 73 vibrantly coloured push-out pieces – think flowers, trees, fruit, creatures, quirky ladders. The box states suitable from ages 5-12, but I laugh in the face of age restrictions – soon-to-be three-year-old Alfie would adore helping to put this together and get a lot out of the resulting imaginative play. Currently on offer for £23 (20% off) with free delivery at Alex and Alexa.

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