Five fab … Earth Day crafts

Plant Pots for Earth Day

It’s Earth Day tomorrow. We’ve already highlighted our favourite eco stores and brands and brilliant green buys as well as link up some great garden goodies. Today, it’s all about Earth Day crafts. There are a million uses for toilet roll tubes. Two of my favourites include seed starter pots and bird feeders (you just cover them with peanut butter and […]

Make your own: Easy felt flowers

how to make felt flowers

I love making felt flowers and I’ll find any excuse to whip out the glue gun. This method for creating felt flowers is really easy and literally takes a few minutes. You can use the same method to make paper flowers too, just substitute the glue gun for good old PVA and hold for a few more moments to […]

Make your own: Frozen dinosaur eggs!

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs

To be fair, you could adapt this to anything your little legged one is in to. It’s a brilliantly simple idea which is super-effective and sure to delight. You get balloons, you get small toys, you add water and you stick them in the freezer. Fast forward and your mini archeologists and paleontologists are going […]

Chick Chack DIY cat garland

Chick Chack Cat Bunting

It’s DIY made easy when you get a kit and instructions and I am just loving the cat decorative textile garland from Chick Chack. In this kit you will find all the materials needed as well as detailed instructions on how to do. They say it only takes an hour or two! The kit contains literally […]

Wild Things: Funky Little Clothes To Sew

Wild Things - funky clothes to sew

You already know we’re mad about all everything Wild Things and we quite fancy ourselves as seamstresses (although Nat is the only one who ever whips up clothes), so when we spotted the super-talented and ever so lovely Kirsty Hartley, the prolific maker, designer, and founder of the contemporary children’s clothing and lifestyle label, is […]

Make your own: Easter chicks

Handmade Easter Chicks

We have put together a round up of wonderful Easter gifts already but if you like to craft, these chicks are a perfect little gift. They’re created by the clearly talented Mia Underwood. You will need polystyrene balls, merino wool, a felting needle, sewing needle thread and scissors. The full instructions with clear illustrations are available from The […]

Make your own: Rock portraits

Mum You Rock

Look away now mamas, because this is a great homemade Mother’s Day gift! Just grab some rocks and get painting. Why not do the whole family? Team it up with a Mum You Rock card (My French Sailor can help you with that) and voila, a thoughtful keepsake gift you have. Find out more over at […]

Make your own: crepe paper laser maze

diy lazer activity

Shhhh. Don’t tell Lola, but one night this week I am going to attack our house with crepe paper. I have rolls of the stuff left over from her birthday and this looks like such good fun! If you’re looking for a cheap, fun, indoor activity which the kids will love and it will only take […]