Make your own: tin can stilts

Tin Can Stilts

One thing that my daughter loves is circus skills and her favourite has to be stilts, she makes a bee-line to them whenever she spots them. These wonderfully nostalgic tin can stilts are so simple to make and will get your kids out and moving. You just need cans, a punch (or hammer and nail) […]

Make Your Own: Miffy inspired treat bags

DIY Miffy Inspired Treat Bags by Everything Milly

I love these super-cute Miffy inspired treat bags by Everything Emily which could be used as little party bags or for an extra special Easter egg hunt (I’m thinking mini eggs in there though…) It’s a straightforward tutorial and if you’re using a sewing machine, you could knock up several really quickly, although you could […]

Make Your Own: Silly Face Stamps


You know we’re suckers for cool stamps and I love this simple, effective idea for making your own to create funny faces. All you need to do is glue craft foam shapes onto wooden blocks and then get creative (see examples below). Find the tutorial and a downloadable template for the shapes at the marvellous […]

10 Best: Party Hats

Party Hat

You can’t beat a good party hat and there are some great offerings out there including free templates and tutorials, personalised crowns and pocket-friendly multi-packs. Golden Yellow Lace Knit Crown Headband, £22.18, Lace & Cable. Gold Birthday Hat, £10.17, Little Blue Olive. DIY Party Hats, including template, free, Oh Happy Day. Brave Knights Party Hats, […]

Make your own: Edible finger paints

Edible finger paint recipe

Having a baby in the house and a toddler who loves crafting can be a complicated mix, so when I spotted the edible finger paint recipe over at The Imagination Tree, I was a very happy mama! It’s really easy, you just need corn flour, water and food colouring. The full instructions are on their […]

Make your own: felt dolls’ house

Felt Dolls House

If you’re feeling crafty head on over to FairyFox and purchase one of their inspired felt dolls house patterns (£7.48). The pattern includes everything you see, from the front closing house to the bath, window sill and plants! The patterns are 1:1 so you print them on A4 paper and can get going. If you’re not feeling […]

Make Your Own: Thank you accordions

Thank you cards

I love receiving and giving thank you cards, and I absolutely love this idea for accordions from JulieP. They’re super cute and a perfect way to while away and afternoon. All you need is a gift wrap sheet, card, paint and paintbrush, scissors and some glue! Winner. See full instructions and more photos on her site.

Omy Atlas colouring in poster

OMY Atlas Colouring In Poster

If you need something to keep the kids busy for a while, the Omy Atlas colouring in poster is sure to fit the bill. Designed in France by illustrators, it has fabulous detail. Perfect for hanging on the wall. It measures in at  a huge 180 x 100 cm and will cost you £20.50 from Petit Home.

Make Your Own: Shoebox Pizza Oven

Shoebox Pizza

Everyone knows that a cardboard box is a rainy day’s best friend. A plain box can become a pirate ship, a rocket, a house or a cave in the hands of an imaginative little one. I’m loving this modification from the wonderfully creative Made By Joel. All you need is the box, an extra piece […]