BKD London baking kits

BKD London

Alfie and Kitty love to bake (as you can see from the picture!) And the messier the better. This week, we’ve been trying out a couple of the fabulous kits from BKD London. The brains behind the business, Adelle Frejus, also runs classes and events, so, if you’re in London, keep an eye out for them as they […]

Supereditions Books to Illustrate

super monster book

First we had The Book with No Pictures and now we have Books to Illustrate by Supereditions. These clever books have  no pictures, but that’s because they’re for you to illustrate – I know I’m stating the obvious there. Let their imaginations run wild with titles such as Where do Monsters and Spiders Hide when they’re Afraid? and What do Extraterrestrials […]

Can you help? I am Super Capes!

I am supercapes

Something a little different today, we want to introduce you to I am Super Capes, a fabulous set up which sends capes to children around the world to make them feel like superheros. The charities supported are varied – from a group of volunteers who support asylum seekers and refugees in the Southampton area to The Red […]

Last-minute Father’s Day: Technology Will Save Us Electro Whoopie Cushion Kit

Technology Will Save Us

We’ve got a few of Technology Will Save Us‘s electronic kits and Alfie really enjoys experimenting with them. I know he and Harry would love tinkering around (and tricking me and Kitty) with this new Electro Whoopie Cushion Kit, £26 (including DIY Speaker Kit). Let’s face it, the combination of toilet humour and science is […]

Make Your Own: craft apron

MerMag apron

MerMag is fast becoming our go-to destination for fun, cool craft projects. This apron is no exception. What child wouldn’t love all those pockets to stash their art materials in? And the funny little face is just the perfect finishing touch. Head over to MerMag for full instructions on how to make it.

Baking this weekend: Delightful rainbow cake

Rainbow cake with Smarties, fluffy cream clouds and H.A.P.P.Y. candles

My baby and the original inspiration for Bambino Goodies, turns 8 on Sunday – jaysus! I spotted this amazing rainbow cake on Sandra Mangas’ food blog, La receta de la felicidad (Spanish for The Recipe For Happiness), and it looks pretty straightforward to make, so watch this space. For more rainbow cake inspiration, check out […]

Make Your Own: Maxi Dress

Boho Maxi Dress

We do love a good sewing project and if its easy with a great result, all the better! This is exactly what this maxi dress tutorial is. You need a sewing machine, extra stretchy jersey knit, dye and trim fabric. The really simple to follow instructions can be found at Sweet Verbena. I have been spotting some […]

Five fab … Earth Day crafts

Plant Pots for Earth Day

It’s Earth Day tomorrow. We’ve already highlighted our favourite eco stores and brands and brilliant green buys as well as link up some great garden goodies. Today, it’s all about Earth Day crafts. There are a million uses for toilet roll tubes. Two of my favourites include seed starter pots and bird feeders (you just cover them with peanut butter and […]

Make your own: Easy felt flowers

how to make felt flowers

I love making felt flowers and I’ll find any excuse to whip out the glue gun. This method for creating felt flowers is really easy and literally takes a few minutes. You can use the same method to make paper flowers too, just substitute the glue gun for good old PVA and hold for a few more moments to […]