Cool app: Snow White

Snow White app

Nosy Crow’s fairytale apps are total genius. Their fifth offering is the age-old story of bad apples, talking mirrors and diminutive people, Snow White. Like the previous animated tales, Snow White features plenty to keep little minds entertained, including music, read aloud text and plenty of interactivity – rock the baby Snow White to sleep by tilting […]

Cool app: Anorak

Anorak app1

Hurrah! The brilliant children’s magazine Anorak has come to the iPad in the form of a digital edition. It’s a lovely thing, featuring everything you’d expect from the print version – stories, reviews, cartoons, recipes and games – all with added value. The stories and features (this launch issue’s theme is Dreams) are narrated (one […]

Cool app: Tate Kids Draw & Play

Tate Kids

A neat little arty app from the ever-fabulous Tate Kids Draw & Play allows little ones to make works of art from pre-designed ‘stickers’ or create their own using paint brush, pencil and palette. They can also attach sound effects and share their creations in My Gallery. And it’s all free. Perfect for a little […]

Cool app: Toca Nature out today

Toca Nature

You know we love all things Toca Boca, so we’re excited to let you know their latest app Toca Nature launches today! The new app captures the wonder and magic of the natural world with its unique, dream-like style. Kids can create and explore their own environment, populating it with different species of plants and animals, sculpting the landscape […]

Cool app: Toca Boo!


Kids’ app gurus Toca Boca have gone all spooky with a brand new Halloween app, Toca Boo, in which a little girl, Bonnie, becomes a ghost and scares the inhabitants of her house. Children can drag Bonnie around the different rooms and cause her to make her family members jump by hiding and popping out […]

Cool App: Noisy Neighbours


We raved about Ruth Green’s Noisy Neighbours – the tale of Sid the snail’s quest for a quiet place to sleep – when it came out. Now, Tate has launched a rather lovely app which tells the story with added audio and visual effects. I love Green’s friendly animal illustration and they lend themselves well to […]

Toca Boca and Sago Mini apps sale

Toca Boca Logo

From today until the 13th, you can download 16 Toca Boca apps and six Sago Mini apps for just 69p each in the App Store. We’re big fans on Toca Boca on BG (see all our write ups) and Sago Mini apps are charming and playful. They are the ideal first apps for your little one and if […]

Cool app: Toca Town

Toca Town

There’s always palpable excitement at BG HQ when we hear about a new release from kids’ app gurus Toca Boca and the latest looks like the best yet. In Toca Town, children have 21 characters to move around six separate areas of town. They can do their shopping, wash their car, throw a party or […]

Cool app: Wet-Dry-Try now with lowercase letters

wet dry try app

We featured Wet-Dry-Try back in 2012 and it’s now even better as, along with capital letters and numbers, it features lowercase letters too, something that was sadly missing from the first launch. Wet-Dry-Try is multi-sensory, so will appeal to different learning styles. It gives just the right amount of handwriting practice in a game format that is […]

Cool app(s): The Lonely Beast ABC and 123


If you’re already familiar with Chris Judge’s book The Lonely Beast (Andersen Press, RRP £6.99), then you’ll love these learning apps, but if you’re not, then you’re almost certainly going to want to read it after playing with them. The first is an interactive alphabet featuring the beast in myriad situations, while in the numbers […]

Cool app: Hopscotch Coding for Kids


We’re a household of geeks, so it was no surprise to find that Alfie was instantly a fan of Hopscotch, a clever little app that allows children to create and view their own programs using quirky characters and colour-coded ‘action’ blocks. It’s an ingenious way of introducing the concept of coding to little ones and […]

Cool app: Endless Reader


The Endless Alphabet app is definitely a favourite in our house, so we were delighted to discover the follow up – Endless Reader. It uses (cute, not scary) monsters to help children spell words and read sentences, using visual cues and sounds. It’s very effective and seems to be engaging – Alfie will happily go […]

Cool app: Hip Hop Hen ABC Jigsaw


I’m still not a fan of them as a learning technique, but now Alfie is at school phonics have become a fact of life. Luckily, he seems to enjoy learning the phonemes and there are plenty of fun apps out there to support your child’s school work. Hip Hop Hen‘s ABC Jigsaw is an excellent […]