Cosmos range by Jay

Cosmos Range by Jay

Lola’s asked for a science party “with real life potions” for her next birthday party. I know that’s a tall order so I’ve been hunting the internet for budget-friendly inspiration and have, of course, been pinning it all (see here). That’s how I came about Jay. Jay has some really cool mugs, plates, glasses, gift wrap, cards […]

Swoop: Vintage Bamco School Chairs

Bamco Vintage Childs School Chair

If you’re looking for a child’s chair or two, hot foot it over to The Milk List right now and grab their Bamco school chairs.  They’re only £35! The metal frames have been painted in pink and mint, which look great against the aged wood (and there’s yellow ones on the way). The wooden seats and […]

Paul Farrell Night Owl print

Paul Farrell

Owls. We can’t get enough of them. Yup, they’re still going strong, even in light of the rise of the badger and fox. Here’s a particularly stylish one, in the form of a striking limited-edition print by artist Paul Farrell. It’s A3 size, and cost £65, Nook.

Julia Staite tooth pillows

Julia Staite

The tooth fairy has been to visit Alfie twice, but she left empty handed each time – first tooth swallowed, second lost in Waitrose (yes, really). She still paid up though as we wrote a note explaining the unfortunate circumstances, but it must have been disappointing for her. I feel sure she wouldn’t be disappointed […]

Studio Arhoj wooden bird jars

Studio Arhoj

I need one of these handmade wooden jars in my life. Designed by Copenhagen-based Studio Arhoj, the birdies are carved from sustainable  princess wood and stand at 16cm (Little Bird, about £23) and 20cm (Big Bird, about £26) high. Ideal for a woodland-themed nursery (or my dressing table) and available from the always fabulous Acne Jr.

Little Letter Studio’s My First Alphabet Print

Alphabet Print

I love how the My First Alphabet Print from Little Letter Studio is illustrated. This original design by artist Jo Martin is taken from a collection of paintings which have been reproduced as a high-quality art print on archival paper, using lightfast inks to ensure durability. The alphabet is in upper and lower case and shows whimsical animals, […]

New Anorak print: Waddling ducks

Waddling Ducks at Anorak

BG favourites Anorak have added a stunning repeat print, which adorn all Anorak products, to their kitchen and utility lines. You’ll find Waddling Ducks on everything from aprons to placemats and ironing board covers to peg bags. Prices start from £10. Quack quack.

Covetable: Crème Anglaise Star Furniture

Creme Anglaise Bedroom Nursery Furniture

Back in 2011 Nat swooned over the star and moon cradle (such hotness!) from Crème Anglaise and now they’ve added to the theme with a range of furniture. There’s a cot bed, chest of drawers – available with 3 or 4 drawers – and a wardrobe. We’re all about the detail and these look beautiful. There are hidden handles and doors which […]

Swoop: Guimo Height Charts

Guimo Modern height Charts

We have spotted some beautifully illustrated height charts from Valencia-based duo Guimo.  They’re digitally printed on cotton canvas and come ready to hang, measuring in at 95x20cm. Along with the fabulous Cactus, there’s also Neighbours and Shapes. They look fab and they cost just £21 each, including UK shipping. Click click.

Loving: Little Shop of Brands

Little Shop of Brands

I recently squealed when I opened my mail to something fabulous and totally unexpected… It’s a unique fashion illustration of Lola based on her World Book Day costume –  Angelina Ballerina – by the super talented and really lovely Lizzie Owen from Little Shop of Brands. My photos really do not do this justice at all. Note to self, […]

Hot buy of the day: Bamboo dinner sets at Fox Organic Kids

Love Mae Dinner Sets

These Love Mae bamboo dinner sets are beautifully illustrated and their whimsical designs tick all the right boxes. They’re non-toxic, biodegradable, dishwasher safe and  food safety approved. The set comprises 4 pieces: compartment plate, cup with handle, spoon and bowl. A great gift and perfect for camping! And best of all, we have spotted them on sale at Fox Organic Kids, £16 for the set. […]

Great Grownup Gift: Constellation zodiac mugs by Lollipop Designs

Leo constellation zodiac mug by lollipop designs

One of our Father’s Day gifts was a Lollipop Design’s constellation mug which features a motif of the position of the stars for the zodiac constellations. The Lollipop website explains: ‘There is a narrow pathway of sky through which it appears the sun moves passing through groups of stars known as constellations, forming a circle […]