Carderno Branco Moses Baskets

An item of international lust for you. These have to be the chicest moses baskets I have ever seen. They are handmade by Ines Nogueira of Caderno Branco. The fabrics are stunning and the embroidered stars are so sweet. The baskets below are made for dolls which means if the new baby days are behind you, you don’t miss out. After appearing on Bloesom Kids the shop is currently sold out but has details of how you can get in touch to make an order.

Via B:Kids.


  1. These are lush – good find Bambino Goodies

  2. M Alice says:

    I know the blog you ment it is caderno branco and not cadero branco, coul you please rectify.
    M Alice

  3. Bom dia,

    Gostaria saber o preço das alcofas para bébé? E se se pode encomendar.


  4. Good morning,

    I would like to now the price of the baskets? And i would like to now if it is ppossible to send.

    Best regards,

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