Cakespiration: Circus birthday cake

Circus themed birthday cake with elephant and washi tape bunting

Saria ‘the bambino’ recently turned six and up until the morning of her party I was all set to decorate her carrot cake with bunting but then I spotted Cloud Cuckoo Design’s circus cake over on Pinterest and it was a change of plan – bunting and circus! All that’s needed is a couple of straws (I love paper ones and I had the purple ones shown from Pearl and Earl who do fabulous decorations plus you can also get them in places like Tiger stores and Molly Meg), bakers twine, washi tape (we’re obsessed here at BG – fold a piece of tape over the twine and shape the sides into a triangle), a paper cup which you’ll need to cut down (the one shown is also from Tiger stores), I used some left over crepe paper streamers for wrapping around the cake and then marshmallows all around the edge plus sprinkles. The candles are from another one of my favourite spots, Molly Meg. Oh and of course an elephant – I superglued on a couple of pom poms for extra effect. The cake was a hit!



  1. What a beauty! Love the marshmallow ‘ring’ around the outside. My Little Lolly turns 7 next month…think I feel a circus cake coming on!

  2. Nice Work! looks lovely, want to make my b’day cake? My next challenge is to make a pinata cake xx

  3. Fabulous, happy to inspire.
    Love your pompom addition and hope the party was fantastic with a very happy birthday Saria xx

  4. Hi, if you fancied seeing the make up and the inside of the cake we did take a peek…..

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