Bubble London: Our roundup of our trip around the seriously stylish baby block

Let me just say, that Kat (BabyGeek) and I are in bits after spending yesterday at Bubble London at the Olympia. In the name of trying to unearth hot brands, new designers, and get a peek at autumn/winter 08 and spring/summer 09 collections, we got swollen feet and palpitations from being overwhelmed by some really brilliant finds. It’s lucky they don’t sell anything there because we would have gone totally berserk!

Aside from being really blown away by some of the amazing clothing, the highlight of the show was meeting people who have a genuine passion and enthusiasm for their products, many of them mums working from home. Quite a few knew Bambino Goodies which means we were spared the “Don’t you know who I am?” moment! We were disappointed that there wasn’t very much furniture or decor there. It was a serious clothes fest but you know I’m a sucker for beautiful baby and toddler furniture!

Trends: Tailoring for babies, pirates, merino, muslin wraps, ethical homegrown brands, Aussie brands, bold nature prints, delicate floating fabrics mirrored from the catwalk, and bold, vibrant organic clothing.

Cloud Cuckoo Designs at Bubble

Hot Finds

Cloud Cuckoo Designs were our Bubble London favourite. They had a varied range of baby and toddler bedding, soft furnishings, soft toys, greeting cards, and wall art, that was quite frankly, stunning!

Cloud Cuckoo Designs are hot, hot, HOT! Plus…the Brit duo, Claire and Tania, were just lovely! I could move them in with me, they’re that funny and stylish, but I suspect Kat would beat me up to get there first. If you love Dwell Studio (previously Dwell Baby), then you will love the creations from Cloud Cuckoo Designs. And get this – they are cheaper! They come in at about £88 for a sheet, bumper, and quilt and their contemporary designs are a winner with us!

Melobaby (NEW TO THE UK!) Melobaby is an all-in-one nappy wallet and change mat from down under. An instant favourite with us, this deceptive looking clutch bag hides a multitude of storage options, and what really wowed us is that it opens up to a gorgeous, soft fleece, limegreen changemat. We have been reliably informed by the owner Melissa that Nicole Kidman will be carrying a Melobaby when she gives birth. Look out for information soon on where to buy!

Bubba Moe Sling Bubba Moe (NEW TO THE UK!) is another Aussie brand that wowed us with their slings in gorgeous prints that can be worn in 7 different ways. And we left with one to try out. Kat did a snatch and grab on me… Look out for more info soon!

Trumpette trumpette shaggy slippers – Finally their kooky Shaggy Slippers are arriving to the UK next month along with their jelly sandals.

broderie anglaise baby setPoppy and Ned – Honestly, we are probably as in love with the owner as we are with her range of luxury, classic, clothes. A Brit brand started only in Oct 07, it’s contemporary clothing in fine fabrics, with plenty of innocence.

Oobi Baby and Kids

oobi baby knitted boots – Hello Sarah who actually works in the same building as Lula Sapphire! They have lots of fabulous gear coming up including hats, muslin wraps (trend alert), shorts, bloomers, with so much funky knits, I thought I’d keel over with palpitations! Lust-o-rama! They have amazing knitted boots that the bambino will be wearing as soon as I see the first autumn leaf!

Baby Mode (NEW TO THE UK) – We are very excited about the muslin wraps from this Aussie brand, which come in 12 gorgeous prints. This is no ordinary muslin – they’re much bigger and you can shroud your baby and yourself in these as you breastfeed.

Green Eyed Monster – Aside from giving us a big bar of Green and Black’s chocolate each, we love this homegrown organic, fair trade, clothing brand, with fab bell sleeve t-shirts, dresses, jeans, Pac Man rompers, and much more and not even a hint of bland, but a serious splash of cool. They will be making the scarf from Raymond Brigg’s The Snowman, which will be high on our hot list for Christmas!

Hucklebones (NEW) – Honestly, seriously to die for British clothing in sumptous fabrics and modern vintage style. I’m back in love with mustard again and as soon as the bambino is big enough, I shall be shopping there. Launch details soon.

Rock Your Baby – As you can imagine, it’s very rock and roll inspired with a super hero twist, aimed at little boys but we think just as great for girls. We love their devil eared hoodies. And yes, it’s another Aussie brand!

Il TuttoIL TUTTO (NEW TO THE UK)Gorgeous, practical, bags for mums. Favoured by Cate Blanchett, we love this Australian brand with their sumptuous leather bags that are proper handbags but with the changing function, and the new range will also have the option for laptop storage. Look out for more about their launch!

tip toey joey shoesTip Toey Joey Collection – Seriously stylish, supersoft leather shoes that are in instant favourite and suitable for pre and early walkers. I’ll put it this way, with shoes like this, who needs Clarks?

Kate Quinn Organics – We love organic clothing but we love it even more when it’s rich in colour and bang on trend. A fab US brand that we hope to see a lot more of and we hope the lady gets her luggage sorted!

Arabella MillerAh it was great to meet Alison at last and we loved their new range of babywear. They’re not just t-shirts anymore! Watch out for more from this organic favourite.

Moonkids – It was like meeting a long lost friend when I met Kate from The Hedgepig. Moonkids – seriously funk-da-funk 70s styled children’s clothing.

I Love Gorgeous – You know we already love this brand and it was great to to meet the designers and covet their whimsical, girlie dresses.

Amplified Clothing – Seriously trendy clothing with a rock, punk, and urban edge. Seen on the likes of Kate Moss’s daughter, their clothes give your baby some serious street cred.

Ver de Terre (NEW TO THE UK) – Who knew you could get tailored, nautical styled gear?

Norlie (NEW TO THE UK) – A hot Scandinavian brand. Think lots of merino, soft suede jerseys, cottons, and delicate prints.

Cela Vi (NEW TO THE UK) – Love their Lowboot wellies in funky colours and prints.

Petit by Sofie Schnoor (NEW TO THE UK) – A stunning new collection from a hot Scandinavian brand, adding their own Scandi twist to simple, classic, designs.

Olive and Moss – We really enjoyed chatting with Nina and being bowled over by the animal led designs that stayed on the right side of cool.

Katvig – We’re huge fans of this brand and their spring summer 09 collection will be totally organic right down to the thread.

Molo – We’ve mentioned them a few times recently and they really wowed us with their eclectic prints.

Plastisock – They have lots of new prints coming out and it was great to meet the guys from Nordic Kids too!

Elodie Details – Oh we’ll be raving about their bling dummy very soon!

Kik Kid – Aside from loving our free (temporary) tattoos, we likey Kik Kid with their super vibrant clothing (a lot of it in terry fabric) that screams understated cool. And I looooove their tights!

Bebe by MiniHaha – Loved the fabulous, stylish clothes from yet another fab brand from down under.

Elephantito – Beautiful, classic, luxury clothing.

BlaBla – We’ll definitely be featuring more knitted goods from this fab US brand.

Nurtured by Nature (NEW TO THE UK) – Merino in lots of lovely chocolate and stripes.

Frank and Fischer and Ej Sikke Lej – The hip Danish toy and accessory brand and the clothing line that I finally learnt how to pronounce, are much loved by us already. We got great bags from them too!

Ubang Lots of serious brights and contrasting funk, with a collection that’s very nature and technology inspired.

Moccis – Moccasins with socks which will be finding their way onto the bambino’s shoe rack!

Toffee Moon (NEW) – This fab duo are launching a luxury clothing range with some really fabulous baby basics that we’ll most definitely be featuring very soon!

There are so many and there are highlights from everyone so over the the next couple of months you will see the fruits of our trip as we unveil previews of autumn winter collections and new products, and of course…we’ve been working on some competitions!

Any Negatives?

Lille Barn – Dropping right to the bottom of our shops and brands we love list, not because we don’t love the clothing but because the woman on the stand, let’s just say, did not behave in a very nice manner.


  1. The fabulous Il Tutto range of designer baby bags are already available in the UK from http://www.dominobaby.co.uk

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