Bobux Shoes


Bobux originate from New Zealand and are eco-friendly shoes which allow children’s feet to move naturally. The business started a couple of decades ago when Chris and Colleen could not find shoes which complimented the way their children wanted to move. They began to make their own shoes and today Bobux is global.

Today they create shoes designed to mimic being barefoot and reduce damage to feet which can be caused by ill-fitting shoes. They use high quality materials and keeps children’s feet at the very centre of what they do. They have three stages of shoe: soft sole for babies, pre-walk and i-walk for toddlers.


I saw my first pair of Bobux shoes after my friend bought her daughter’s first pre-walkers (above centre) from our local shoe shop, Parklife Kids. They were far cuter than the shoes Milla had started out in and even though they were pink it was a pink I could live with.

Monty now has a pair of their i-walk vintage trainers (below) which have made a real difference to the way he moves. Having quite big feet, wide for a toddler her was already too big for classic pre-walkers by the time he was ready for them. Having spent his time in hard soled shoes he was stampy when he walked. Since wearing his Bobux he has developed a far more natural step. I’m a little gutted he’s now at the top of their sizing and will be on the hunt for something similar when he’s into the next size.


Prices are from £24.95 to £30.95 (and yes, that includes the boots) and they have some past season in the sale at £14.95. All available online from Bobux.