Bipi Stuff Bandana Bibs

Bipi Stuff Bandana Bib Red Pink StripeBipi Stuff Bandana Bib Red Black RetroBipi Stuff Bandana Bib Black with White Flowers

Elli writes… As a mother to a greedy baby, I know my bibs.

In the early days of my daughter’s life, I would lovingly dress her in something gorgeous only for it to be splattered moments later. I then twigged that bibs weren’t something to wear during or just after a feed: they were as essential as a nappy and should be worn at all times.

There followed a sad week or two of spoiling lovely outfits with ugly bibs… until a Bipi Stuff Bandana Bib entered my life. (Finally, she gets to the point!)

The neck-scarf shape means that bandana bibs are shorter than normal bibs so they cover up less of your baby’s outfit. At the same time the Bipi Stuff ones are gathered in such a way that’ ‘overspill’ is kept to a minimum. Two nickel-free poppers give a choice of snug or looser fit.

So, functionally they are great, and – even better – they also come in some bright and colourful designs. Trust the Danes to do bibs beautifully. I would even go so far as to say that a Bipi Stuff Bandana Bib can add a stylish flourish to your baby’s look. Gasp!

hot buy bambino goodies logoIf your baby is as sicky as mine, you will probably still need to change the bib during the day for a dry one – but what better excuse to buy more than one? I have chosen three favourites (above) available from easynappies at a reasonable £4.25 each. Also try Tootsie and Fudge.


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